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Apertura Universal 5 AMP AC Adapter - AC5 - Used - SOLD

SKU: UEQ-00000-APT-AC5

  • This Apertura Universal 5 AMP AC Adapter is Used and in Excellent Condition. Upon inspection, we found that the adapter is fully functional. There is slight color loss. Otherwise, everything looks excellent.
  • Image shows new product.
  • Comes with High Point 90-Day Warranty

Apertura Universal 5 AMP AC Adapter

This Apertura Universal 5amp AC Adapter is designed as a power supply for mounts that have AC power requirements that exceed 2.5amp.

If you are an owner of a Celestron AVX, CPC, CGEM II, CGX & CGX-L mounts or a Meade ETX 125, LT, LS, LX90, LX200, LX600 and LX850 mount, then this will be a useful accessory to add to your astronomy tool box.

The barrel on one end of the cable is a DC plug that threads onto the mount's power jack. The threads ensure that the cable will not be removed during accidental cable pulls. This AC Adapter has a US Type B plug on the other side, which is compatible with most North American countries, some South American countries, Japan, and a handful of other countries. When in doubt, check compatibility before purchasing the adapter.

Apertura's cable adapter delivers 5A @ 12VDC.