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High Point Eyepiece Projection Adapter - 1.25" - HPS-EPP


We have discontinued the Eyepiece Projection Adapter, and we are out of stock. Here is a link to the Apertura 1.25" Eyepiece Projection Adapter we carry at High Point. Hopefully, you can find a proper replacement in this selection. If we can be of further assistance, please don't hesitate to call us at 1-800-266-9590 or send an email, and we will be happy to help you. Thank you!

High Point 1.25" Eyepiece Projection Adapter

The Eyepiece Projection Adapter from High Point is an incredibly flexible camera adapter that can be used as a 1.25" Low Profile T-Adapter for Prime Focus Photography as well as eyepiece projection photography.

To use as a low profile T-adapter, all you have to do is separate the bottom half of the eyepiece projection adapter from the top half by unscrewing one barrel from the other. Once separated the lower half of the component can be used as your low profile T-adapter. Then, screw your T-ring on to the upper portion of the T-adapter and attach your camera.

To use for eyepiece projection, simply leave the unit intact. Put the complete adapter into your diagonal as you would your eyepiece. Then drop your 1.25" eyepiece into the eyepiece projection adapter and secure it with the set screw built into the side of the adapter. Then thread your T-ring onto the top of the eyepiece projection adapter and connect your DSLR camera. That's are ready for eyepiece projection photography.

The Eyepiece projection camera adapter from High Point is machined out of aluminum and anodized black.