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Celestron Skyris 274M Monochrome CCD Camera - 95515

SKU: CEL-95515

Celestron Skyris 274M Monochrome CCD Camera

Celestron has discontinued the Skyris 274M and we are out of stock. Here is a link to a list of Celestron Skyris cameras, or you can check out other imaging cameras under $1000. If we can be of further assistance, please don't hesitate to call us at 1-800-266-9590 or send us an email, and we will be happy to help you. Thank you!

Celestron Skyris 274M Monochrome CCD Camera Features:

  • Celestron partnered with "The Imaging Source" to develop the Skyris line of planetary imagers

  • The Skyris incorporates the highly-regarded Sony Super HAD ICX274 Monochrome CCD sensor

  • With a high speed 3.0 USB connector you get the fastest possible frame rate. 3.0 USB is backwards-compatible with a 2.0 USB connector

  • The Skyris 274M will download up to 20 frames per second

  • A great option for long focal length telescopes such as the Celestron SCT and Edge HD Telescopes

  • Skyris will easily adapt to your telescope or lens with a 1.25" nosepiece or C-thread

  • Included accessories consist of a 1.25" nosepiece, iCap software CD, 10' USB 3.0 cable

  • Includes Celestron 2 Year Warranty

The Celestron Skyris is the result of a collaboration between two industry leaders. The Imaging Source is highly regarded for their innovative line of CCD Cameras and Celestron has been leading the charge in telescope design and innovation for years! Together the two make great products, and we are happy to have the Skyris! Product comes with a full 2 year factory warranty.

The Skyris line of cameras allows you to capture crisp, high resolution images of the moon, sun, and planets like never before. With industry leading Sony Super HAD technology the Skyris gives astroimagers an edge in the field! This is the first camera that incorporates USB 3.0 high speed connections and Celestron's proprietary camera body design which helps dissipate heat and minimize thermal noise.

Sony CCD Sensor:

The Sony Super HAD ICX274 CCD sensor is perfect for planetary imaging because of it's speed, sensitivity, pixel size, and chip size. The Skyris 274M delivers 20 frames per second which allows you to capture more data in less time and capture brief moments of stable air (hence good "seeing") to ensure crisp image rendering.

Celestron Skyris Monochrome:

The Skyris 274M is a monochrome camera that offers the most sensitivity, so you can capture the best possible monochrome images instantly. Either use the camera by itself to capture stunning black & white images of the Moon and planets, or attach your own filters and filter wheel to create your own color planetary images. This monochrome camera offers you increased sensitivity and the flexibility to image Solar System objects the way you want.

Celestron Skyris Software:

All Skyris cameras include Celestron iCap capture software and stacking software, for Windows systems only. This iCap software allows you to easily control the camera, snap your images or movie file, and export them. Next, you'll bring your images or movies into the stacking software, where you can automatically filter the best images and stack them to create your masterpiece.

Celestron Skyris 274M Monochrome Camera Specifications:

  • A/D Conversion: 12 bit

  • Back Focus Distance: 19 mm with Nosepiece; 17.5 mm with a C-mount

  • Exposure Range: 0.0001 sec to 30 sec

  • Imaging Sensor: Sony Super HAD ICX274 Monochrome CCD

  • Sensor size: 8.50 mm x 6.80 mm

  • Pixel size: 4.4 μ square

  • Camera Resolution: 1600 x 1200 pixels

  • Framing Rate: up to 20 frames per second

  • Mounting: 1.25" barrel and C-thread

  • Operating temperature: +40° C to -40° C

  • Shutter: Global

  • Sub-framing: Yes, selectable

  • Software compatible: iCap, IC Capture, DirectShow, FireCapture

  • Power: Powered by connection via USB cable

  • USB Computer connection: High-speed 3.0, 10 foot cable length

  • Weight: 3.6 oz (102 g)