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Astronomik OIII 6 nm CCD Filter - T-Mount - OIIICCD6-T

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Astronomik OIII 6 nm CCD Filter - T-Mount

  • Made specifically for astrophotography, this Astronomik OIII 6 nm CCD Filter is mounted in a round, t-threaded cell
  • OIII line transmission is almost 100%
  • FWHM bandwidth of approximately 6 nm
  • Optimally equipped for imaging planetary nebulae and remaining supernova vestiges
  • The Astronomik OIII 6 nm CCD Filter has multi-layer coatings to prevent scratching as well as damage from aging and high humidity
  • Diffraction limited, this filter will not have any negative impact on your telescope's optical performance
  • Made in Germany, a country known for producing high quality optics!
  • Ideally suited for telescopes with apertures of 6" or more

More About the Astronomik T-Mount OIII 6 nm CCD Filter

Whether imaging under ideally dark conditions, or in a heavily populated area with strong light pollution, for OIII emission line nebulae astrophotography, the Astronomik 6 nm OIII CCD is the optimal filter. Offers complete obstruction of artificial light sources such as mercury and sodium vapor, the principle light pollution culprits, along with natural skyglow and moonshine. This greatly highlights the contrast between OIII line (501 nm) objects and the sky background. With this OIII CCD filter, your imaging potential is significantly improved as greenish and blueish objects can now be photographed.

As a result of the combination of a typical 96% transmission with a 6 nm narrow bandwidth, this filter provides an incredible boost in contrast since all undesired light from other wavelengths obstructed from UV up to IR. Its reduced 6 nm full width at half maximum (FWHM) gives this filter higher contrast gain when compared to the 12 nm OIII CCD filter. This enables an exceptionally dark background.

A fitting choice for imaging faint objects in areas of the Milky Way that are densely packed with stars, or for observing from heavily light polluted locations. This filter's 6 nm is matched to enable premium performance with CCD and CMOS sensors with a very low dark current! Furthermore, a new MFR coating technique allows this 6 nm OIII filter to be used on all telescopes and other instruments with focal ratios up to f/4 without a decrease in performance.

This filter is parfocal with all other Astronomik filters, a quality shared by all filters made by Astronomik. Even though it's only 1 mm thick, the Astronomik T-Mount OIII 6 nm Filter is remarkably resistant to damage caused by scratching, aging, and high humidity. This filter is also diffraction limited to prevent any reduction in your telescope's optical performance. As with all Astronomik filters, the OIII 6 nm T-Mount filter is delivered with a long-lasting plastic storage case of supreme quality.