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Atik Off-Axis Guider - ATK0070


Atik Off Axis Guider

  • Atik Off Axis Guider is a complete system featuring a precise fine-focusing system with 3 varied lengths of extension rings
  • The moving prism helps you select the perfect star for your guiding needs
  • Weighs 180 grams and features a clear aperture of 54 mm
  • Enables focal reach for a vast range of cameras
  • Atik Off Axis Guider has the ability of using sensor sizes up to 35 mm

Create your own perfected guiding system with the Atik Off Axis Guider. The moving prism system enables the user to choose from a wider variety of quality stars within the corrected field of view. The Atik Off Axis Guider also enables you to utilize this capability with sensor sizes up to full-frame 35 mm. This guider also has a high precise fine-focus system that is velvety smooth. With 3 varied extension ring lengths the OAG can reach focus for a wide range of camera systems.