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Baader Maxbright II Binoviewer with T-2/Zeiss Adapter & Case ONLY - BINO-0

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Baader Maxbright II Binoviewer with T-2/Zeiss Adapter & Case

Baader has designed the Maxbright II Binoviewers with over thirty years of building astronomical binoviewers. This particular design comes with a housing of 27 mm large prisms made with Baader's die casting moulds. There is non-slip leather finish which provides extra grip when the weight of the viewers is increased with eyepieces and other other accessories. This viewer fits 1.25" eyepieces, up to 35 mm in focal length.

The eyepiece side of the binoviewers include self-centering Clicklock eyepiece clamps with diopter adjustments. These clamps help the binoviewers achieve an almost three-dimensional image while providing a relaxed observing experience. The optical tube length is 110 mm (+/- 1 mm tolerance). The ergonomic design allows users to distinguish between clamping and diopter compensation, even when it is incredibly dark. Inside the housing, there are inner parts made of stainless steel for stability. With a clear aperture of 26 mm on the telescope side and 25.5 mm on the eyepiece side, meaning you can see a much larger part of the sky than with the same magnification and smaller prisms. The prisms themselves have feature a 7-layer multi-coating.

On the telescope side a T-2/Zeiss adapter is included. When compared to a fixed nosepiece, this saves a lot of backfocus. The Maxbright II binoviewer is compatible with all Baader Glasspathcorrectors (not included).