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Baader Planetarium Pan Dual Losmandy 3" or Vixen EQ Style Dovetail Rail Clamp - 230 mm Long - PAN-EQDX

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Baader Planetarium Pan Dual Dovetal Rail Clamp - 230 mm

  • Fits all 3" Losmandy and EQ Vixen dovetail mounting rails.
  • Built with multiple fastening holes for attaching to all mounts and clamps from the most popular manufacturers.
  • 190 mm minimum to 230 mm maximum dovetail length. Weighs approximately 2 lbs.
  • Optimal construction offers several dovetail rail contact points for a perfect grip.

For a solid connection with absolute rigidity for 3" Losmandy or Vixen style EQ mounting rails without twisting, use this Baader PAN 230 mm (9") long dual dovetail clamp. At the same time, because the rail is so far forward, it serves as a running weight replacement due to the optical tube's much improved balance! A tangential mount (e.g., Stronghold) can be attached to the front end to produce starfield images without the annoyance of getting accidentally getting the telescope tube in the shot.