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Spotting Scope Accessories

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Check out High Point’s selection of accessories to make using your spotting scope easy and worry-free. We have cleaning tools that will leave your optics spot free, removing any dirt, moisture, or smudges. It is equally important to safely store your spotting scope whether you’re on the go or spending the day inside. That is why we offer you a wide range of backpacks and versatile cases so you can pack away your spotting scope without fear of scratches or damage.

Don’t know if your scope needs cleaning? Then it is best to leave it alone. Many new spotting scope users think they should clean their equipment often, but this will only make your scope’s lenses more prone to scratching. It is best NOT to disassemble or remove your scope’s optics because this can void your warranty.

But if you find a cleaning is needed, we have you covered. We have a wide selection of cleaning materials to suit your needs, such as lens pens, cleaning fluid, microfiber cloths, as well as other supplies. When cleaning lenses, it is important to not apply cleaning fluid directly to the surface, because it may seep through the lens edges and leave stains where you cannot reach them. Instead, dab a small amount on a cloth or clean tissue.

There are many options available to help your spotting scope get the protection it needs. We recommend storing your scope in its specific case for a snug fit. If not, we offer many universal padded cases to store your spotting scope and accessories all together. Don’t forget to put silica gels or dry pads in your case to absorb excess moisture!

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