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High Point 50mm Extension Tube - 2" - EXT50


The High Point 50 mm 2" Extension Tube has been discontinued and replaced by the Apertura 2" 50 mm Extension Tube. The Apertura version of this 50mm extension tube offers the same quality and low price as the High Point version. If you’d like some advice on choosing the proper finder for your telescope, please feel free to contact one of our non-commissioned product specialists by email, phone or chat. Thanks!

High Point 50 mm Extension Tube

  • The 50 mm Extension Tube adds focal travel to your telescope
  • Equipped with a brass compression ring, so it doesn't scratch your eyepieces or accessories
  • Our 50 mm Extension Tube has a 2" Barrel and is 50 mm in length

The 50 mm Extension Tube from High Point is CNC Machined and has a beautiful fit and finish. Equipped with a brass compression ring, this extension tube will not mar your eyepieces or accessories. This extension tube will deliver an additional 50 mm (1.97") of focal travel, which will help you bring your accessory and scope combination to focus.