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Apertura 1.25" Extension Tube - 35 mm Long - Laying Down

Apertura 1.25" Extension Tube - 35 mm - A-EXT35-1

  • Adapter Connector Type - Side A: 1.25"
  • Adapter Connector Type - Side B: 1.25"
  • Extension Length in mm: 35 mm
  • Construction Material: CNC-machined black anodized aluminum

Why Should You Choose Apertura Telescopes?

Simply put, Apertura telescopes are some of the best for the money. You're unlikely to find a better value, especially if you choose an Apertura Dobsonian. You'll get a bunch of Dobsonian telescope accessories at no extra charge, as well, such as eyepieces and filters. Plus, if you're new to astronomy, Dobsonians are great for beginners, and Apertura ranks among the best.

Which Apertura Dobsonian Telescope Should You Buy?

In our opinion, any Apertura Dobsonian is a great choice. However, one of our favorites is the Apertura AD8 8" Dobsonian Telescope with Accessories. In fact, we ranked it as a top telescope of the year for 2020, so you know we're big fans. With the AD8, you'll get a cooling fan, two eyepieces, multiple filters and a whole lot more. This Apertura Dobsonian is great for both planetary and deep-sky observing. It's well worth looking into!

Are Apertura Telescopes Good?

While Apertura might not have the history and name recognition of brands like Orion or Celestron, the company's founders have decades of experience, gaining Apertura a lot of respect in the stargazing community since starting in 2011. Apertura telescopes are made with value in mind — and they deliver, with one of the best quality-to-value ratios in the industry. In particular, Apertura Dobsonian telescopes give a ton of aperture for the cost, and they're very highly regarded, too. Plus, they come with a ton of Dobsonian telescope accessories. Apertura was started with amateur astronomers in mind, and on that front, these telescopes are hard to beat.

Where Can You Buy Apertura Telescopes?

Right here! High Point Scientific has a top-notch selection of Apertura telescopes for sale. You can also find Apertura accessories in our store, including:

When you shop for Apertura telescopes at High Point Scientific, you'll be getting the best customer service in the industry, with dedicated experts you can contact for help and information. They don't work on commission — they work to help amateur astronomers like you! Browse Apertura Dobsonian telescopes and more now!