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Astro Systems Secondary Dew Guard 3.5" to 6.0" Secondary Mirrors - DG3


AstroSystems Dew Guard For 3.5" to 6.0" Secondary

This AstroSystems Dew Guard For 3.5" to 6.0" Secondary is an automatic electric heating accessory for Newtonian telescope secondary mirrors with a size from 3.5" to 6.0".

AstroSystems amazing Dew Guard secondary mirror heating system automatically senses the air temperature and the mirror temperature then maintains the secondary at a preset (adjustable) temperature above the ambient air temperature. Gently warms the secondary at 2-4 watts when on full. The DG-1 has 4, The DG-2 has 6, and the DG-3 has 8 evenly spaced contact points, for optimal thermal distribution. Uses any external 9-15 Volt DC supply or you can run it on a 9 Volt battery in a pinch. No more heat ropes!