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Astronomik CLS Canon EOS XT Clip Filter - Extra Thin - CLS-EOS-XT

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Astronomik CLS XT Clip Filter for Canon EOS

  • Astronomik XT Clip format CLS light pollution reduction filter for Canon EOS cameras which have an IR blocking filter over their detector
  • This Astronomik XT EOS APS-C clip filter enhances image quality by providing magnificent star images to the corners of the view field, allowing users to fully benefit from Astronomik clip filters even when capturing ultra wide angle photos with short focal length instruments
  • At only 0.3 mm thick, XT clip filter glass is much thinner compared to other Astronomik filters which have 1 mm thick glass
  • All of your Canon EOS camera's common operations, such as focus, image stabilization, etc., will be unaffected by attaching this filter
  • This filter has been developed to block out as much artificial light as possible while, at the same time, enabling the best performance for useful wavelengths
  • Multi-layer coatings on all Astronomik filters provide protection against scratching, aging, and high humidity
  • German-made for optics of high quality!

More About Astronomik CLS EOS Clip Filters

For astronomical use under light-polluted conditions, this Astronomik CLS Filter is suitable for use with standard Canon EOS DSLR Cameras. The CLS Filter further brings out the contrast between your target object and the background. Since this filter has a wider transmission curve when compared with UHC filters, the CLS will transmit more light. Stars will appear sharper. The Astronomik CLS Filter has been enhanced to simultaneously obstruct as much artifical light as possible while providing the finest performance for preferred wavelengths. This filter will not block long-wavelength Infrared light.

By impeding the spectral lines of mercury and sodium-vapor lamps, but allowing a large portion of visible light and H-alpha emissions to get through, the CLS filter efficiently restricts most encompassing light pollution, which can ruin your images. This filter is designed for use with lenses of all apertures, operating at f/3 and above.

Astronomik EOS-Clip model filters enable astrophotography with DSLR cameras despite severe light-polluting conditions without white balance shift. All Astronomik filters are parfocal with all other Astronomik filters. Does not reduce optical effectiveness. This filter offers high resistance to scratches and the effects of aging, as well as high humidity. Astronomik filters come with a high-quality, durable, plastic storage case.

Astronomik XT Clip Filter System

This patented Astronomik Clip-Filter system consists of black anodized aluminum construction and is laser-cut on ultra modern machinery. Long a popular accessory in the astrophotography community, Astronomik clip filters are known to cause issues regarding image quality when shooting extremely wide angle images with short focal length instruments. However, XT clip filters are able to overcome this due to their incredibly thin 0.3 mm glass substrate. Despite their severe thinness compared to standard Astronomik filters which are 1 mm thick, Astronomik XT filters still feature the same multi-layer coating technology. These coatings provide complete protection against the impacts of scratching, aging, and high humidity.

Transmission Specifications

  • 99+% transmission at 486 nm (H-beta)
  • 99+% transmission at 496 nm (OIII)
  • 99+% transmission at 501 nm (OIII)
  • 96% transmission at 656 nm (H alpha)
  • Blocks undesired wavelengths