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Astronomik SII 6 nm CCD Nikon XL Full Frame Clip Filter - SII6-NIKXL

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Astronomik SII 6 nm CCD Filter - Nikon XL Full Frame Clip

  • Optimally suited for astrophotography, this Astronomik SII CCD Filter is presented in a clip format for Nikon full frame camera bodies.
  • Successfully tested with Nikon D800 and D810 full frame DSLR camera models.
  • Designed with regards to the highest technical standards to enable the optical performance required for deep sky CCD imaging
  • Allows SII light emissions to be transmitted while, at the same time, totally suppresses the entire remainder of the visual spectrum as well as IR
  • FWHM bandwidth of approximately 6 nm
  • Works best for imaging planetary nebulae as well as the remaining vestiges of supernovae
  • German-designed for superior optical quality!

More About the Astronomik SII 6 nm CCD Filters

The Astronomik SII 6 nm CCD Nikon XL Full Frame Clip Filter is the optimal narrowband filter for CCD astrophotography applications. Features a reduced 6 nm FWHM (full width at half maximum) combined with a typical 96% transmission for an incredible contrast enhancement since all spurious light from wavelengths other than the SII line (672 nm) is cut off from UV up to the IR. This provides a background that is extremely dark. Transmission losses and chromatic distortions, while an issue with other filters, only arise with Astronomik filters when especially bright aperture ratios of 1:2 or more come into play.

With its smaller 6 nm FWHM, this Astronomik SII CCD Filter is ideal for exhibiting the maximum amount of contrast between objects that emit SII light, such as emission nebulae and the skyglow background. 6 nm filters offer similar performance when compared with 12 nm filters, but also provide a higher contrast gain. On the contrary, using a 6 nm FWHM filter can cause background stars to appear dimmer, or to not be viewable at all. Thus, to achieve maximum contrast without sacrificing the background quality of your final image, it is best to employ both the 6 nm and 12 nm SII filters together.

Complete blockage of all unwanted wavelengths in the visible and IR bands of the spectrum is enabled by the Astronomik SII 6 nm CCD Filter. As with all filters from Astronomik, this filter is parfocal with all other Astronomik filters. It is also diffraction limited so it won't compromise the optical performance of your telescope. Coatings keep this SII CCD filter from inducing scratches and other damaging effects from aging and high humidity. All Astronomik filters are delivered in a long-lasting plastic filter case of supreme quality.

Astronomik Nikon XL Full Frame Clip Filter System Compatibility

  • The Nikon XL-Clip Filter have been successfully tested with the D800 and D810. All manual lenses and T-adapters work fine!
  • Nikon full frame cameras that are not listed above have not been tested yet.
  • The Nikon XL Clip Filter will not work with cameras with APS-C sized sensors or with the new mirrorless models.

Transmission Specifications

  • Normally, SII (672 nm) line transmission is 96%
  • Offers full obstruction of spurious light from UV up to IR