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Astronomik CLS Clip Filter for Canon EOS R XL - CLS-EOS-R-XL


Astronomik CLS Clip-Filter EOS R XL

This Astronomik CLS filter is an excellent tool for boosting contrast and suppressing light pollution during your astrophotography sessions! The clip-filter for the Canon EOS R XL is extremely easy to use. When mounting the filter, all you need to do is use your fingers to slide the clip-filter in place, until it is flush, and then you can reinstall the camera lens, and you are good to go. When removing the clip-filter, you initially use the filter removal tool, and once it is far enough out to grasp, you can use your fingers to completely remove and place the filter back in the case.

Astronomik has designed this clip-filter to work with Canon EOS R or EOS RP cameras. So, if you have a compatible camera and are needing a filter to use in urban or suburban viewing sites, then this clip-filter could be the answer!