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Dew Heater Controllers

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Astrozap Dew Controller for All Heat Bands and Flexi-Heat - AZ720

  • Known to Fit by Model: All Astrozap Heat Bands and Flexi-Heat

Astrozap offers the Dual Channel Controller as a source of power for all of their dew heaters. This includes the FlexiHeat Dew Shields and the Dew Heater Straps. In order to power these dew prevention tools, a dew heater controller is necessary. You telescope optics will be glad for the extra purchase, and you will be too when it comes to viewing through clear optics.

The Astrozap dual channel controller uses pulse width modulation technology, and each channel controls two outputs. There are a total of four outputs. Each channel can have a duty cycle of 5% on time at the low setting to 95% on time at the high setting. Manufactured in the USA and for operation on 12 volts DC, this controller should never be operated with any other voltage. Five amps is the total amperage capacity for all four outputs.

The controller includes a six-foot long cord and is equipped with a cigarette lighter plug end (a 5 amp fuse is incorporated into the plug). A two-inch velcro strap is included for mounting the controller to an area of your telescope mount.

Here at High Point, we offer two different Astrozap controllers. The first is the Dual Channel Controller (AZ-720), as described above, but the second was designed specifically for those who do not wish to purchase the Dual Channel Controller. It is the Astrozap Simple D/C Adapter Controller (AZ-719). Simply connect one end of the D/C Adapter into the cigarette lighter power supply in your vehicle, and the steady stream of power should operate your dew heater strap or FlexiHeat dew shield.

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