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AstroZap Dew Heater Band for 14" Telescopes - AZ-714


AstroZap Dew Heater Band for 14" Telescopes - AZ-714

This Astrozap dew heater band generates heat evenly across the length of the band. This protects the optics from most gathering dew. The side of the band that fits against the telescope, which is fastened snugly by a velcro attachment, is made with high quality materials that are soft enough to avoid marring the finish on your telescope. When connected to the AstroZap Dual Channel Controller (not included), the band can utilize electrical energy to save the battery life. This band, proudly made in the USA, is compatible with 14" telescopes.

The dew band will draw unregulated, full amperage when used with the Astrozap Simple DC Adapter (not included).This is the newest design of AstroZap's active dew fighting system. It has moved the electrical cord to the same side of the velcro fastener to reduce excess wear or snagging of the cord, and the design has also improved the stitching to lend to a longer product life and higher durability. Take your first step to active dew prevention and add this accessory to your collection of tools.

Dew heater specs: 47.5" in length, 23 Watts @ 12 Volts, 1.92 Amps.