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Astrozap Dew Heater Strip for 5" Telescopes - AZ705


AstroZap Dew Heater Strip for 5" Telescopes

Manufactured in the USA using cutting-edge materials, this 5" Dew Heater Strap from Astrozap represents a significant part of any active dew fighting system, enabling extended viewing or imaging sessions, even on damp nights! Applies heat uniformly over the length of the strap. The material used for the telescope side of this strip will not scratch or damage your telescope's finish. This 17" length strip wraps around the end of your telescope, attaching via adjustable Velcro for a comfortable fit. Requires the use of either a simple DC adapter (AZ719) or Dual Channel Controller (AZ720) for power.

Dew Heater Specifications: 17" length, 7.9 watts @ 12 volts, 0.66 amps.