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Dobsonian Light Shrouds

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AstroZap 10" Truss-Tube RC Light Shroud

AstroZap Light Shroud for 10" Truss-Tube RC Telescopes - AZ1310

  • Known to Fit: 10" Truss-Tube RC Telescopes
AstroZap 12" Truss-Tube RC Light Shroud

AstroZap Light Shroud for 12" Truss-Tube RC Telescopes - AZ1312

  • Known to Fit: 12" Truss-Tube RC Telescopes
AstroZap 14" Truss-Tube RC Light Shroud

AstroZap Light Shroud for 14" Truss-Tube RC Telescopes - AZ1314

  • Known to Fit: 14" Truss-Tube RC Telescopes
AstroZap 16" Truss-Tube RC Light Shroud

AstroZap Light Shroud for 16" Truss-Tube RC Telescopes - AZ1316

  • Known to Fit: 16" Truss-Tube RC Telescopes

Any owners of Meade Light Bridge or SkyWatcher open truss tube Dobsonian telescopes are going to want to purchase one of these Astrozap light shrouds.

Truss tube Dobsonians leave a large area of space open to the air. This space is between the primary and secondary mirrors, allowing dewing on the optics and stray light to enter the telescope body. While having the large space open alleviates some of the weight of the Dob telescope, the conditions to which the telescope is now exposed may degrade image quality and cause viewers to call it a night earlier than originally planned.

Every Astrozap light shroud is proudly made in the USA, and it utilizes material made up of a nylon and cotton blend which help the shroud from sagging into the light path of the telescope, even in moderate to heavy dewing conditions. This light shroud is tailor-made to slide easily into place over the telescope’s trusses, and the top and bottom drawstrings secure the shroud in place. Like other Astrozap products such as the flexible dew shield, this light shroud also works as a passive dew fighting accessory.

The Astrozap Light Shrouds for Meade’s Light Bridge and SkyWatcher Dobsonian telescopes is a must have tool to use in the field to cover up those trusses and get the best image possible!

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