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AstroZap Flexible Dew Shield for Orion 150 mm Mak - AZ143


AstroZap Flexible Dew Shield for Orion 150 mm Mak

  • Proudly manufactured in the USA using excellent quality materials and superior workmanship.
  • AstroZap FlexiShields are a fundamental component of any dew or frost prevention system.
  • Conforms to Orion 150 mm Mak as well as 191 mm (7.5") diameter telescopes.
  • Made with superb quality ABS-grade polymers.
  • Lessens the amount of dew gathered on 191 mm diameter optical tubes.

Dew shields are essential components of any passive dew prevention system. This flexible dew shield from Astrozap is custom-designed and painted to match Meade (including the new ACF series), Celestron (including the new HD series), and Takahashi Epsilon Astrograph telescopes. Proudly manufactured in the USA, Astrozap FlexiShields consist of superior quality ABS-grade polymers, Velcro adhesive for a comfortable fit, and padding to avoid scratching or otherwise causing damage to the optical tube's finish. Furthermore, for convenient travel to and from distant star party and dark sky locations, the Astrozap FlexiShield easily rolls up into a favorable size. In the fight against dew, this dew shield will prove to be an indispensable weapon for astronomers in the field.