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Flexible Dew Shields

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The Astrozap flexible dew shields, or FlexiShields, are lightweight dew shields that wrap the front of you telescope to protect your optics from most dew and unwanted light. It is the first step in passive dew prevention. Made from high quality ABS-grade polymers, this flexible dew shield is padded to protect your telescope’s finish while providing high-quality optics protection. The velcro fasteners provide a snug fit, and the flexible quality of the dew shield allow for the shield to be rolled up for storage, or even better, easy transportation!

This flexible dew shield is a great companion when it comes to traveling to star parties and dark sky sites. So, when you take that telescope out to a star party and find yourself in rather dewy conditions, strap the FlexiShield on and its felt-lined material will absorb moisture and prevent extraneous light from reaching the optics. This will provide a clearer image and improve the contrast.

Like the Aluminum dew shield, this dew prevention shield includes models with top and bottom notches that work great with upper and lower dovetail bars. Astrozap has got your back when it comes to creating a passive dew fighting system. And they proudly custom make all of their products in the USA. Here at High Point, we know what quality looks like, and we are proud to offer Astrozap FlexiShields.

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