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AstroZap Focusing Cap for 10" LXD 75 Meade- AZ-411


AstroZap Focus Cap for 10" LXD 75 Meade

Ready for a simple yet very handy telescope accessory?

When you want help focusing the image during CCD or DSLR photography sessions, just adjust the center knob to the "Open" position which will reveal a trio of off-axis masks. This Bahtinov wheel works just like a simple Bahtinov mask can do. However, there's more... Rotate the knob again to place the cap in the "Closed" position. Then you are good to take dark frames or use it as you would any dust cap.

Proudly manufactured in the USA and made from lightweight aluminum and powder-coated black, this Astrozap Focusing Cap is both strong and aesthetically pleasing. It will be a helpful astronomical accessory for years to come. Three thumbscrews hold the Focusing Cap firmly in place and no tools or plastic plugs are needed.

The AZ-411 Focus Cap will fit LXD75 Meade telescopes with outside diameters from 280mm - 304mm. This measurement is normally that of a 10" LXD75 Meade, but please measure your own telescope before ordering.