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Dobsonian Dust Covers

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AstroZap 10" Truss-Tube RC Dust Cover - 12" Diameter

AstroZap 10" Truss-Tube RC Dust Cover - 12" Diameter - AZ1410

  • Case/Cover Dimensions (LxWxH): 12" Diameter
  • Known to Fit: 10" Truss-Tube RC Telescopes
AstroZap 12" Truss-Tube RC Dust Cover - 15" Diameter

AstroZap 12" Truss-Tube RC Dust Cover - 14" Diameter - AZ1412

  • Case/Cover Dimensions (LxWxH): 14" Diameter
  • Known to Fit: 12" Truss-Tube RC Telescopes
AstroZap 17" Dust Cover for 14" Truss-Tube RC Dobsonian Telescopes

AstroZap 14" Truss-Tube RC Dust Cover - 16" Diameter - AZ1414

  • Case/Cover Dimensions (LxWxH): 16" diameter
  • Known to Fit: 14" Truss-Tube RC Telescopes
AstroZap 19" Dust Cover for 16" Truss-Tube RC Dobsonians

AstroZap 16" Truss-Tube RC Dust Cover - 18" Diameter - AZ1416

  • Case/Cover Dimensions (LxWxH): 18" Diameter
  • Known to Fit: 16" Truss-Tube RC Telescopes

Dust falling on a telescope’s optics can be one of the most obtrusive parts of viewing the night sky. It is understandable that cleanliness plays a large part in astronomy. While it is impossible to keep all dust off a telescope’s optics, Astrozap has a telescope accessory that is great to keep that dust from settling on your telescope optics between observation sessions.

The Astrozap Dust Covers for Dobsonians are proudly made in the USA and are made from a cotton and nylon blend. The sewed in elastic strap will allow the dust cover to fit snugly over the open end of a Newtonian style telescope. This will keep much of the dust out and protect the optics from dust accumulation on the primary and secondary mirrors. This will give sharper images and keep the type of cleanliness that won’t call for an observation session to be cut short.

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