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Dobsonian Light Shields

4 Items
AstroZap 8" Dobsonian Light Shield

AstroZap Light Shield for 8" Dobsonian Telescopes - AZ1201

  • Known to Fit: 8" Dobsonian Telescopes
AstroZap 10" Dobsonian Light Shield

AstroZap Light Shield for 10" Dobsonian Telescopes - AZ1202

  • Known to Fit: 10" Dobsonian Telescopes
AstroZap 12" Dobsonian Light Shield

AstroZap Light Shield for 12" Dobsonian Telescopes - AZ1203

  • Known to Fit: 12" Dobsonian Telescopes
AstroZap Light Shield for 16" Dobsonians

AstroZap Light Shield for 16" Dobsonian Telescopes - AZ1204

  • Known to Fit: 16" Dobsonian Telescopes

Newtonian telescopes utilize the position near the open end of the optical tubs to place the eyepiece. Many times, stray light will travel over the opposite side of the optical tube and prevent optimal viewing. This can be very frustrating and cut a viewing session short.

Astrozap’s Light Shields for Newtonian telescopes on Dobsonian mounts are specially designed to block stray light from interfering with dark adaption and concentration. This light shield for you telescope will offer a much more enjoyable viewing session.

Here at High Point, we want to make sure that you have all of the tools needed to have the best observation session you can have. Providing you with Astrozap’s light shield, proudly made in the USA, is a great step in obtaining those clear and mesmerizing images of the night sky.

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