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Atik AC Power Supply for Cameras

Atik AC Power Supply (90-240VAC) - ATK0026

  • Cable or Adapter Type: Power
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Connector Type: Side A: AC Power
  • Connector Type: Side B: AC Power

Atik offers astrophotographers a variety of top-performing astrophotography equipment to choose from. Perhaps, the coolest and most innovative product is the new Infinity Video Camera! These cameras are available in monochrome and color and are perfect for beginners to video astronomy. Astro-Imagers who still enjoy showing family and neighbors the Universe can also use the Infinity as an autoguider so that while they are shooting with the "big boy" camera, curious onlookers can enjoy the view at the Infinity.

Over the years Atik astrophotography equipment has built a powerful reputation, especially for high-quality CCD and CMOS cameras at amazing prices! The Atik 420 CCD Camera offers amateur astronomers a great introduction to astrophotography an amazing price while the 11000 Large Format CCD Camera offers more advanced astrophotographers a great way to capture amazing images of the night sky!

Take a look our entire line of Atik cameras for sale, chances are they have something for you! Complete your camera with one of their many adapters, allowing you to safely mount your camera to a variety of setups. Filter wheels are another excellent option to consider so you can easily flip through filters to find the one best suited for a particular image. Check out all of our Atik cameras for sale and more Atik astrophotography equipment here at High Point Scientific!

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