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Baader 1.25" Maxbright Amici 45º Erecting Prism with Integrated 2X Glass Path Corrector for MaxBright Binocular Viewers- MAXAMICI


Baader 45º Maxbright Amici Erecting Prism - 1.25"
For Maxbright Binoviewers Only

  • 45 degree 1.25" Maxbright Amici Erecting Prism with 2x Glass Path Corrector
  • Works with all Schmidt-Cassegrain and refractor telescopes
  • Applicable for Baader Maxbright Binocular Viewers only

For correctly oriented images in refractor and cassegrain style telescopes, the Baader Amici Prism has long been the preferred choice. Amici prism production is a complex process that require a much higher degree of quality compared to a standard mirror or right angle prism diagonal. It is essential that their faces be polished smooth, flat, and with extreme accuracy at the proper positions and angles. The sharp roof edge must be so fine as to be nearly invisible. These high quality requirements are the main reason even high-priced amici prism diagonals have garnered a well-earned reputation for poor image quality. Even supposed premium quality amici prisms frequently produce astigmatic or asymetrical images and exhibit an obvious central diffraction spike (the Baader Amici's roof edge diffraction spike is exceptionally faint). Furthermore, to make matters worse, smaller prisms are used for their lower cost, and large housings create the delusion of a large clear aperture. This is the case with most supposed 2" amici star diagonals currently on the market.

Baader Planetarium has developed what they believe to easily be the finest amici prism star diagonal available. Made to original Zeiss specifications used for their acclaimed amici diagonal turrets, this prism offers image quality that does not experience the deficiencies commonly found in readily available correct image amici diagonals. The finest 7-layer multi-coatings ensure image brightness and contrast, and the jumbo-sized prism provides a 1.25" full clear aperture! Precision machined aluminum housing enables stress-free mounting and precise location for the prism, contrary to the typical poor quality plastic or primitively constructed aluminum housing found on inferior diagonals. This produces a correct image diagonal that's suitable for more than simple high quality terrestrial viewing.

Baader 1.25" 45º Maxbright Amici Erect Prism Specifications

  • Optical Design: Erecting Prism
  • Inner Diameter/Clear Aperture: 25 mm
  • Inner Connection (Lens Side): M28.5 thread
  • Outer Connection (Lens Side): 1.25" barrel
  • Outer Connection (Eyepiece/Camera Side): T-2 thread (M42x0.75)
  • Reflection Surface: Total reflection
  • AR-Coating: Multi-coated
  • Image Orientation: Non-reversed erect image
  • Optical Tube Length: Variable
  • Clamping System: No clamp
  • Deflection Angle: 45º
  • Weight: 4.6 oz. (0.13 kg)