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Baader Turbo Film - 50" x 20" Roll - TURBO


Baader TurboFilm 127 cm x 51 cm Roll

Baader TurboFilm 127 cm x 51 cm Roll is a highly transparent crystal clear film (not Mylar!) developed for scientific applications and used as the BASE material for the renowned Baader AstroSolar. Note: Baader TurboFilm is NOT by itself a solar filter! TurboFilm should never be used as a form of solar filtration without an approved, certified solar filter.

Baader TurboFilm is a monomer film which was found after thoroughly testing more than 200 different film samples on Baader's Zeiss autocollimator. This film was used in German Science Institutes as an optical membrane for nuclear and particle physics experiments. The basic substrate has been further refined and homogenized by a proprietary annealing process, developed exclusively for Baader Planetarium. Due to this treatment, Turbo Film attains nearly-perfect homogeneity and performs equal to a 1/10 wave plane parallel optical window. In fact it has the lowest wedge error of any existing optical window.

TurboFilm should be used as a protective window for your optics. It will protect your valuable optical equipment, seal telescope tubes against dust and humidity, greatly reduce air currents - all without reducing the optical quality of your telescope. This amazing optical material enables cost-effective uses for amateurs and professionals that were never before possible.

Baader TurboFilm Suggested Uses:

  • Optical window for protecting all telescopes, including refractors from harsh conditions (salt spray near coastal areas, dust, pollen, smoke)

  • Precision optical window for Newtonians and Cassegrains (example, Tak Mewlons) up to 20" in diam. (or off-axis windows for larger telescopes)

  • Reduce tube currents, seal out dust and dew to protect coatings

  • Sealing of observatory dome slits or observing room windows

  • Industrial and Research uses

  • Isolation of large fluid optics

  • Cost-effective optical windows for sealing of test chambers and enabling remote optical inspection

  • Easy to apply to your telescope; cost effective protective material

Baader TurboFilm Specifications:

  • Roll Size: 127 cm x 51 cm (50" x 20")

  • Thickness, 12 micron (0.0005")

  • Light Transmission: ~ 95% @ 633 nm

  • Note: In order to maintain the high optical quality of TurboFilm, the film must be mounted free of stress and wrinkles