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Baader Planetarium 1.25" VIP 2X Barlow - VIPB

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Baader 1.25" VIP 2X Barlow Lens

The Baader Planetarium VIP Modular Barlow is a complete high quality 2X photo-visual barlow system. The VIP (Visual and Photographic) Barlow is ingeniously designed for functionality and flexibility. It consists of several modular component parts, which enable you to configure the barlow for multiple visual and imaging uses.

  • The Baader Barlow Lens Body has several modular elements that allows for configuration for both visual observation and CCD imaging

  • Great for CCD imaging

  • The Baader Barlow Lens has 7 layer multicoatings

  • Dual lens element design

  • Designed for the 1.25" format this barlow can also accept the 2" format, when the body configuration is adjusted

  • 24 mm clear aperture to minimize vignetting

  • Apochromatic, and field flattening design

The Baader 1.25" VIP Barlow provides you with 2X magnification. Both lens elements of the Baader 1.25" VIP Barlow are polished to a very high standard, and fully multi-coated, using the finest 7 layer multi-coatings available today; reflections per surface are less than 0.2%. The structural building blocks of the barlow interconnect using standard T-2 (42 mm) threads, enabling you to easily configure the system for multiple uses. The Baader 1.25" VIP Barlow takes an ideal companion to CCD cameras. Its large clear diameter will illuminate even the largest CCD detectors, and its apochromatic field flattening design will maintain the image quality of your telescope.

The heart of the VIP modular barlow is its precision air-spaced negative lens assembly. The large 24 mm clear diameter of the optics minimizes vignetting, and its design makes it well suited for high power planetary observing as well as for CCD cameras.

Designed to accept 1 1/4" eyepieces and fit 1 1/4" focusers, it also incorporates a 2" section for use in 2" focusers. The eyepiece holder uses dual nickel plated clamp screws for maximum convenience and security, and incorporates a captive spring bronze lock ring to prevent any possibility of damage to your eyepieces. The internal surfaces are all fully sharp V-threaded and blackened to eliminate stray light reflections. Surfaces are finely machined and satin anodized for function and appearance.

One of the distinguishing features of the VIP Modular Barlow is its construction from multiple interchangeable parts. The T-2/1 1/4" nosepiece barrel is threaded for standard 1 1/4" filters, and the 2"/1 1/4" reducer (#15) is threaded to accept 2" filters. The structural modules of this Baader 1.25" VIP Barlow interconnect using standard T-2 (42 mm) threads.