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Baader SC Deluxe 2" Visual Back with Integrated Filter Holder - T2-17F


Baader 2" Visual Back with Integrated Filter Holder for SC Telescopes

The Deluxe SC Visual Back & Integrated Filter Holder consists of two parts; a 2" Eyepiece Clamp and a 2" Filter Holder. To use, simply unscrew the standard visual back from your telescope's rear cell, attach the filter holder ring filled with any 2" filter of your choice, onto the rear cell, and then finish up with the 2" eyepiece clamp.

What makes the Baader visual back system so special? It is the ability to install a filter between the rear cell and your visual back. Now you can seal your optical tube from dust and dirt with a clear filter, or add a UV-IR filter to cut infrared transmissions. And if you are up for a night of deep-sky observing, why not install a nebula filter beforehand and not have to worry about uninstalling and re-installing the filter with every change of the eyepiece?

The Baader 2" eyepiece clamp has a bronze clamping ring and two thumbscrews for a secure fit of your 2" diagonal or other accessories.