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Baader 35 nm Midband H-Alpha CCD Filter - 50 mm Square Unmounted - FHAL-SQ50

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Baader H-Alpha MidBand 35 nm CCD Filter
50 mm Square Unmounted

  • The H-Alpha MidBand 35 nm CCD Filter by Baader Planetarium is an excellent high contrast deep sky red filter for RGB applications.
  • The midband 35 nm wavelength is optimized for CCD chips in all interline cameras.
  • The Baader 35 nm H-Alpha filter allows high-contrast CCD images of H II regions (eg North America Nebula) and works beautifully from "light polluted" environments.
  • Baader Planetarium H-Alpha 35 nm CCD Filters share the same outstanding features as all other Baader imaging filters, including scratch and moisture resistant coatings that do not degrade with age.

  • This 35nm Ha filter is 50 mm square, 3 mm thick, and unmounted.

Baader Planetarium H-Alpha MidBand 35 nm CCD Filter allows for high-contrast deep sky images of the H-II regions. Ideal for interline CCD cameras, the 35 nm FWHM bandwidth of the H-Alpha filter makes this possible. For example, CCD cameras such as SBIG ST-2000/STL11000 are great to use with this filter. The lower sensitivity of interline transfer CCDs benefits from the more efficient 35 nm FWHM. Compared to common-colored glass base filters, the sharp bandpass and >90% high efficiency coatings make the Baader H-Alpha filter a superior choice. Like all Baader imaging filters, the H-Alpha filter shares all of the same outstanding features. It will produce the sharpest and highest contrast images possible, with your particular scope.