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Baader MaxBright 2" Clicklock Mirror Diagonal - CLDIAG-2

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Baader 2" Clicklock MaxBright Mirror Diagonal

The Baader Planetarium 2" Clicklock Mirror Diagonal is one of the top 2" diagonals on the market today. The quality that Baader incorporates within all of their products is evident when you use this Diagonal.

Like its predecessor, the 2" Clicklock Star Diagonal uses the proprietary Baader Dielectric mirror coatings. The Baader coating process eliminates the Achilles Heel that has plagued other all-dielectric mirror coatings - normally the multi-layer coating results in high surface stresses that cause a star diagonal's mirror to warp as much as 1/2 wave, ruining the figure and distorting the optical wavefront. Baader's proprietary coating process maintains the 1/10 wave mirror surface accuracy after the coating process!

Baader's Dielectric coatings deliver an amazingly high 99% photo-visual reflectivity along with an extremely hard and durable surface. The MaxBright mirror coatings will last a lifetime without losing reflectivity, and may be cleaned with normal care, without fear of scratches. The precision mirror is also over-sized, and with the large ID nose piece, it will pass the largest image cone possible in a 2" format.

The new 2" Clicklock non-marring eyepiece holder delivers the same acclaimed simplicity and security as its smaller 1.25" Clicklock cousin. With an effortless twist of the rubber knurled ring (which also includes a convenient fingertip lever), the Clicklock holder clamps 2" eyepieces so securely you can lift your scope with them. The unique action utilizes a 3-point clamping action which positively and accurately locks 2" eyepieces without any of the wobbling and misalignment that can occur with single point setscrew clamps.