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Baader T2 Delrin Spacer Ring Set - 15 Pieces - T2RING


Baader 15 Piece Delrin Spacer Ring Set

The Baader T-2 Spacer Ring Set gives you a way to adjust or set the rotational position of T-2 threaded components. Have a lock screw that faces in an inconvenient position? Slip one of the thin delrin spacer rings over the T-threads and the rotation angle is modified (changes the point at which the threads seat). The T-2 Spacer Ring Set comes with three each of 5 thicknesses of rings to give a range of adjustment (0.6/0.8/1.0/1.2/1.4mm).

Utilizing an individual ring between T-threaded components also prevents the possibility of frozen threads due to temperature change or over-tightening.

Note: A 1mm Ring is already supplied standard with T2 Diagonals, and componentsT2-6,7, and T2-07.