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Baader M68/S68 Changer For Zeiss Adapter System (Dovetail Clamp Only) - M68-CHGR

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Baader M68/S68 Changer For Zeiss Adapter System

The M68/S68 Changer was produced by Baader Planetarium as a heavy-duty changer and rotator. The Baader M68/S68 Changer works with a variety of accessories for you to get the most stunning shots possible from your astro-imaging setup. Use the changer with Baader SolarSpectrum H-alpha filters for unparalleled solar photography. The clamping screw features a brass pressure plate to firmly hold your accessories in place, leaving you with more time behind the lens. Works perfectly with the popular Carl Zeiss Adapter System!

The lens side of the adapter features an M68 thread. The eyepiece side uses an S68 dovetail ring clamp. The changer adds 15mm to your setup.

Baader M68/S68 Changer Specifications

  • Optical Tube Length: 15mm
  • Clamping System: Screw Clamps
  • Screw Type: Large M6,5 clamping screw with brass pressure plate
  • Inner Diameter: 61.5mm
  • Outer Diameter: 76mm
  • Outer Connection (Lens Side): Thread, M68
  • Inner Connection (Eyepiece/Camera Side): Dovetail Ring Clamp, S68
  • Adaptable to: Carl Zeiss Adapter-System