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Baader Planetarium Spacer Set for MPCC - SPCR-SET


Baader Spacer Set for MPCC

This Baader Spacer Set is designed for use with the Baader Multi Purpose Coma Corrector (MPCC). It includes four specific spacer rings, which may be combined in various ways to accomplish an optimum connection. Allows direct connection of the MPCC to many popular 2" eyepieces.

For best performance, the MPCC (corrector) should be positioned approximately 55 mm from the rear mounting face of the MPCC housing to the eyepiece's field stop (+/- 3 mm for best on-axis sharpness). In order to attach and properly locate the MPCC, only 1-3 inexpensive adapters are required.

Baader Spacer Set for MPCC Features:

  • This Baader Spacer Set allows direct connection of the Baader MPCC to popular 2" eyepieces

  • The kit consists of the T2-29, T2-25C, HDFT-14, and the HDFT-28

  • The Baader Spacer Set yields a rigid coupling, which eliminates the possibility of sag or tilt from variable holders, particularly with the largest and heaviest eyepieces

  • The ideal way to use the MPCC for visual use with 2" eyepieces is to directly couple it to the eyepiece, via the eyepiece's 2" (48 mm) filter threads

  • T2-29: Baader T-2 Expanding Ring, T2/M48. Converts 2"/M48 filter threads to internal T-threads

  • T2-25C: T-2 Extension Tube, 7.5 mm length

  • HDFT-14: Hyperion Fine-tuning Ring, 14 mm length

  • HDFT-28: Hyperion Fine-tuning Ring, 28 mm length

Since most large Dobs are limited in their back-focus, this may be the only way to achieve coma correction with some eyepieces (short of trimming the truss poles)! Dob users will also appreciate the light weight of the MPCC system, which avoids the balance problems of heavier correctors.

Customer Note: The photo also shows a T2-25A, but this item is NOT included in this kit.