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Baader Planetarium T-2 / T-2 Inverter - T2-26

SKU: BAD-T2-26

Baader T-2 / T-2 Inverter

  • Baader's T-2 / T-2 Inverter is an externally threaded ring which can be used to convert internal T-2 threads to external T-2 threads

  • Baader's T-2 / T-2 Inverter is useful in adapting accessories that are threaded to accept standard 2" Filters

  • Will screw into a part having internal T-2 threads, leaving an exposed portion of this adapter which presents external T-2 threads

Baader's growing line of threaded couplers enable enthusiasts to convert T-2 threaded parts for alternative thread sizes or genders. These convertors allow users to firmly couple to various manufacturer's telescope focuser threads or to combine T-2 parts into useful configurations. The fully sharp V-threaded and blackened internal surfaces cancel any stray light reflections and the precision threading guarantees a proper fit.