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Baader 1.25" Amici Correct Image Star Diagonal - AMICI-DX1

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What We Like About the Baader 1.25" Amici Star Diagonal - Correct Image

  • Baader Amici Prism is great for Landscape and Daytime Viewing

  • Baader Correct Image with highest optical quality for astronomy

  • Best For refractors & Cassegrains

  • Polished smooth, accurately, and flat, for precise positions and angles

  • 7 Layer Multi Coatings

The Amici Prism has long been favored as the best choice for producing correctly oriented images in refractors and cassegrain type telescopes. However, the production of an amici prism is complex and requires a much higher level of quality than a standard mirror or right angle prism diagonal. Prism faces must be polished smooth, flat, and very accurately located at the proper positions and angles. The sharp roof edge must be made vanishingly fine. Even so-called premium quality amici prisms typically produce astigmatic or asymetrical images and display a bright prominent central diffraction spike. The roof edge diffraction spike in the Baader Amici Star Diagonal is extremely faint! This amici Star Diagonal is made with a fine, oversized prism!

Baader Planetarium produces easily the finest amici prism star diagonal available today. The prism has been made to the proper specifications, in order to provide image quality that suffers from none of the defects found in commonly available correct image amici diagonals. The finest 7-Layer Multi-Coatings ensure the image is bright and contrasty, and the oversized prism provides the full clear aperture of 1.25"! The precision machined aluminum housing provides a stress free mounting and precise location for the prism. This correct-image diagonal is good enough for astronomical telescope use, besides just high-quality terrestrial viewing.

Correct image diagonals have been used traditionally for terrestrial viewing, and limited to low (under 100X) magnifications. The high quality of this diagonal lets you use much higher magnifications without aberrations or image breakdown for both astronomical and terrestrial uses. The diagonal is perfect for matching astronomical charts or sketching correctly oriented planetary detail. It also functions well with the Baader Maxbright BinoViewer and Baader/Zeiss Mark V BinoViewer, to provide correctly oriented binoviewing. Finally, your views will match star and lunar charts!