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Baader Double Polarizing Filter - 1.25" Mounted

Baader 1.25" Double Polarizing Filter - FPOL-1D

  • Filter Type: Polarizing
  • Filter Size: 31.75 mm (1.25")
  • Filter Shape: Round
  • Filter Insert Style: Threaded
Baader Solar Continuum Filter - 1.25" Double Stacked

Baader 1.25" Double Stacked Solar Continuum Filter- FSOL-1D

  • This Baader Continuum Filter enhances the visibility of solar granulation and sunspot details.
  • The filter can be used with visual or imaging use.
  • The filter is fitted in a 1.25" threaded filter cell.
  • The Baader Double Stacked Filter is made up of two stacked Baader Solar Continuum Filters in one filter cell.
  • Baader's Solar Continuum filter MUST be used in conjunction with a primary solar filter.
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