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Baader Planetarium Glasspath Corrector 1:2.6 for Maxbright Bino (and Mark V) - GLASS-3


Baader 1 : 2.6 Glasspath Corrector for Binocular Viewers

Serving a variety of purposes, the Baader Glasspath Corrector 1:2.6 magnifies and extends the focal length of the telescope while correcting color error caused by the long light-path through the binoviewer glass prisms.

Baader Planetarium 1 : 2.6 Glasspath Corrector for Binocular Viewers

  • Glasspath Corrector was designed for Maxbright and Mark V Binoviewers

  • Glasspath Corrector magnifies and extends the focal plane of the telescope

  • Through the binoviewer glass prisms, the Glasspath corrects for the color errors caused by the long light path

The focal plane of the telescope can be extended sufficiently to accommodate the length of the binoviewer by using a Baader compensator. In addition to extending the focal length and correcting the color error, the Baader compensator is able to provide additional magnification ahead of the binoviewer. A Baader Corrector 1:2.6 enables the use of longer focal length eyepieces to achieve high magnifications. Many enthusiasts find it useful to have more then one compensator. Start with a lower powered compensator that will allow your scope to reach focus, and add on from there with a higher powered compensator to reach even greater magnification.