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Baader Planetarium Pan Losmandy 3" or Vixen EQ Dovetail Rail Clamp - 370 mm Long - PAN-EQD

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Baader Pan Dual 3" Losmandy or Vixen EQ Dovetail Rail Clamp - 370 mm

  • This 370 mm (14.5") long dovetail clamp fits any 3" Losmandy or Vixen EQ style dovetail rails.
  • Features three wide, two-terminal brass blocks. Clamping handles are level with the base surface and thus are fixed everywhere.
  • Clamp handle has an Allen screw head (tightened via Allen wrench) with toothed counter surfaces for multiple points of contact with any track. Built pre-drilled for a wide range of mounts.

The Baader 370 mm (14.5") long dovetail clamp provides a secure and fully rigid hold on 3" Losmandy or Vixen style EQ mounting rails. No more twisting. Meanwhile, the rail replaces a running weight because of its far forward placement so the optical tube's balance is much improved! On the front end, a tangential mount (e.g., Stronghold) can be attached to create starfield images without the telescope tube getting in the picture. Weighs approximately 3 lbs.