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Baader Planetarium Ultra Narrowband 3.5 nm H-Alpha CCD Filter - 31 mm Round - FHALNU-RD31

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Baader 31 mm Round Ultra Narrowband 3.5 nm H-Alpha CCD Filter

By opening up the world of exceptionally narrow 3.5 nm H-Alpha imaging, Baader Ultra Narrowband filters permit more signal from even the weaker areas of emission nebula to complete the journey to your eye, while simultaneously allowing as much of the nebula as possible to be seen by obstructing more stars.

Combining extremely uniform coatings and a center wavelength (CWL) with remarkably high precision, Baader Enforced Narrowband filters are able to produce a maximum level of contrast. Works best with telescopes that have focal ratios between f/10 and f/3.5.

This Baader 3.5 nm H-Alpha CCD Filter is a 31 mm LPFC-mounted Enforced Narrowband filter.