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Baader Planetarium Ultra Short 10mm T-Adapter for SCT - SCT-T


Baader 10 mm Ultra Short T-Adapter for SCT

The Baader Planetarium Ultra Short T-2 threaded Adapter for SCT enables you to couple T-threaded components to standard Schmidt Cassegrain Telescopes while using a minimum of valuable back-focus distance. The internal surface is fully sharp threaded and blackened to kill stray light reflections. Using the ultra Short T-Adapter allows your SCT to become the perfect platform for a wide array of potential visual and imaging configurations.

The Baader Ultra-Short Adapter delivers the shortest possible length (10 mm) by simplifying and omitting the knurled grip ring on the T-threaded portion. It includes wide fluted surfaces to enable a better grip and results in more secure locking onto the 2" SCT thread.