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Baader 36.4mm to T2 Adapter for Vixen, NexStar 4 - T2-03

SKU: BAD-T2-03

Baader 36.4 mm to T2 Adapter - T2-03

The Baader T2-03 adapter converts the small internal M36.4 x 1 threads found on Vixen or Takahashi telescopes to a T-2 standard external thread, enabling you to solidly attach T-2 accessories to your Vixen, Takahashi, or Chinese telescope with 36.4mm threads (i.e. Celestron, Synta, Orion, among others).

As with all Baader Planetarium components, the T2-03 adapter ring exhibits an attention to function and detail. The thin profile preserves maximum back-focus, and the T2-03 includes an internal M34 thread, for installing a VIP Modular Barlow lens or Glasspath Compensator (for Baader/Zeiss Bino-Viewer). Now, your Vixen or Chinese telescope can utilize a flexible array of Baader components that will enable you to produce virtually any visual or imaging configuration you can imagine. The T2-03 is particularly useful for attaching the Baader OPFA System (afocal and ocular projection) or Click-Lock Eyepiece Holder to your Takahashi or Vixen telescope.