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Baader 2"/M68/3.3" Ultrashort 2" Clamp for C11/C14 & Meade SC Telescopes - EYEHOLD-SCL

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Baader Ultrashort 2" Clamp for C11/C14/Meade SCTs

This Ultrashort 2" clamp, from Baader Planetarium, has been designed specifically for C11, C14, and Meade Schmidt-Cassegrains. This clamp features a 3.3" nut necessary for mounting to a C11 or C14. With an inner diameter of 2", this visual back works with a variety of setups. The Ultrashort 2" can also be used with the widely popular Baader Universal Filter Changer (UNC) products.

Baader Ultrashort 2" Clamp Specifications

  • Tube Length: 25mm

  • Inner Diameter: 50.8mm (2")

  • Outer Diameter: 89mm

  • Outer Connection (Lens Side): Thread, M60, M68, 3.3"

  • Inner Connection (Eyepiece/Camera Side): Clamp, 2"

  • Outer Connection (Eyepiece/Camera Side): Thread, M68