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Baader VariLock 29 T2 Variable Extension Tube - 20 mm - 29 mm -- T2-25Y


Baader 2" Varilock 29 T2 Extension Tube
20mm - 29mm Adjustment

The Baader VariLock T-2 Extension Tube gives you complete adjustability to enable you to exactly set or vary the spacing between T-2 components. The Varilock is the perfect thing for adjusting your back-focus when introducing a focal reducer, field flattener or any other optical or imaging system components. Full internal threading and blackening kills any stray light reflections. 2" OD enables use in any 2" system.

The Baader VariLock extension tubes feature an accurately engraved graduated scale, shown in 0.5 mm gradations, for an easy visual determination of the tube length. Simply rotate the inner tube until the desired length is reached, then tighten the lockring with the included spanner wrench. The connection is very sturdy, and you'll be so happy with the length adjustability factor! The Varilock 49 variable extension tube can be set to as short as 20mm to as long as 29mm. If you need a taller variable extension tube, take a look at the Baader Varilock 46 (T2-25V), with a range of 29mm to 46mm.

As an added bonus, if you wish to image through a DSLR, the external T-threaded portion can be removed and replaced with an included dovetail ring, allowing you to attach a t-ring matching your camera's mounting system.