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Baader Planetarium

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Baader Off-Axis Guider for RCC Newton Coma Corrector - GUIDER

  • This Baader Planetarium Off-Axis Guider is specifically designed for use with the RCC-I Coma Corrector.
  • With a body measuring 36.5 mm in length, backfocus is set at the theoretical required distance of 91.5 mm for the RCC-I.
  • This OAG combined with a Baader t-ring and crossaim eyepiece or guider enables "Off-Axis" guiding with DSLR cameras without having to use extra rings or extensions.
  • Axial and radial guidestar are conveniently adjustable without having to loosen the main camera connection.
  • Suitable for use with 1.25" autoguiders and guiding eyepieces.
Baader Planetarium Off-Axis Guider for Flip Mirror II

Baader Planetarium Flip Mirror II Off-Axis Guider - BFM-OAG

  • This Baader Planetarium Off-Axis Guider has been designed for the purpose of directly connecting to the Flip Mirror II Star Diagonal.
  • Allows an autoguider camera that is compatible with every mirror position to be attached to the Flip Mirror II.
  • Requires 24 mm back focus.
  • This is the only prism capable of being tuned so that a particular star is actively centered on the guiding chip.