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Baader T-2 90º Prism Star Diagonal with 1.25" Nosepiece & Eyepiece Holder - PRISM-1


Baader T-2 32mm Prism Star Diagonal
with 1.25" Nosepiece & Eyepiece Holder

  • The Baader T-2 Prism Star Diagonal features a 90º right angle prism with a clear aperture of 32 mm.
  • Seven layers of Baader's famous multi-coatings yield bright images with beautiful contrast.
  • Precision aluminum housing supports the optics with excellent angular accuracy.
  • The effective optical path length of the T-2 Prism Star Diagonal base is 47.5 mm.
  • T-2 threads on the input and output faces allows you to configure the T-2 Prism Star Diagonal to suit your needs.
  • This package includes a 1.25" Nosepiece (T2-14) & 1.25" Eyepiece Holder (EYEHOLD-2). Other T-2 accessories are available separately.

More About the Baader T2 Prism Star Diagonal Housing

One of the main features of Baader T2 diagonals is the large free aperture they offer, but they are also amazingly flexible in their ability to adapt to almost any telescope system on the market today, without the usual problems of bottlenecking and vignetting during challenging applications. It is for this reason that Baader offers their T2 System diagonals without adaptors, so that you can have the freedom of designing a diagonal that fits your needs perfectly.

The telescope side of Baader T2 diagonals accepts an entire armada of adapters, including standard items like 1.25" or 2" focuser, or more esoteric items like an original M44 Zeiss thread to connect to a Russian Mak or a Vixen OTA. On the eyepiece side many people use the Baader Quick Change Ring #6 so that they can mount the Mark V binocular viewer in a way that achieves the shortest possible back focus distance between their telescope and the binocular viewer, but of course you can do whatever you need to do...that's the beauty of the Baader T-2 System!

Please Note: The Baader T-2 Prism Diagonal has a clear aperture of 32mm. It incorporates standard T-2 threads at the input and output faces, and is provided as a basic component, without any input or output fittings.