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Celestron TrailSeeker 80mm 20-60X Spotting Scope - 45 Degree - 52332

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SKU: CEL-52332

Celestron TrailSeeker 80-45 Degree Spotting Scope

  • The big 80mm lens on this Celestron TrailSeeker spotting scope gathers lots of light for bright images in low light conditions.

  • Celestron's famous XLT coatings are applied in multiple layers to further increase contrast and light transmission.

  • The TrailSeeker 80 includes a high quality, interchangeable 20x - 60x zoom eyepiece for quick adjustments in magnification as your situation changes.

  • The ability to focus quickly and well is important in the field. The Celestron 80mm TrailSeeker offers both course and fine focus so that you can tweak focus, important especially at higher magnifications.

  • The innovative tripod mount rotates a full 360 degrees, allowing you to position the eyepiece exactly where you want it.

  • Fully waterproof and fogproof, the Celestron TrailSeeker 80mm spotting scope can go with you anywhere.

  • All TrailSeeker spotting scopes have a rugged, rubber coated body that can take years of use. This model's eyepiece is angled at a comfortable 45 degrees. A straight-through TrailSeeker 80 is also available.

The Celestron TrailSeeker 80 spotting scope offers an amazing viewing experience in a rugged and durable rubber armored housing that is fully waterproof and nitrogen-filled to resist fogging of the optics. The 80mm optical system, with its proprietary XLT multi-coatings, renders high resolution images with outstanding contrast, while the dual focus mechanism allows you to get subjects in focus quickly and then fine tune the image.

The TrailSeeker's large objective 80mm (3 inch) objective is extremely useful in the field due to the large amount of light it allows into the optical system. More light results in brighter images that can make the most of observations during challenging dawn and twilight hours.

The Celestron TrailSeeker 80 offers numerous features normally found only in much higher priced spotting scope models, including a sliding sunshade, a rotating tripod mount, and an interchangeable eyepiece. The TrailSeeker spotting scope is the perfect companion for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. Whether you like to go bird watching, hiking, camping, or just observe the scenery, the TrailSeeker 80 Spotting Scope is outdoor ready! This instrument's robust, fully armored, waterproof design protects against moisture, as well as life's occasional bumps and knocks, and provides assurance that it will be ready and raring to go when you are!