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Celestron Moon Filter Set - 1.25" - 94315

SKU: CEL-94315

Celestron Moon Filter Set - 1.25"

The Moon is the largest celestial object visible in the night sky. Though many people gaze at the moon and do so often, there are still mysteries that live on its surface. Astronomers know that the moon holds many beautiful details that cannot be seen without a telescope or the many different kinds of Moon filters that are made.

With a sight as beautiful as the surface of the Moon, amateur astronomers deserve to get the best sights possible. Celestron is offering a great 1.25" filter set which will aid observers in obtaining those spectacular lunar views!

Each of the filters is housed in an aluminum cell. The filters can thread onto Celestron 1.25" eyepieces and most other 1.25" eyepieces with a standard filter thread. As a bonus, the filters are threaded on the top and bottom so they can be double stacked with other filters for additional filtration.

The Celestron Moon Filter Set comes with a total of four filters:

Neutral Density (ND) Filters

Celestron's set comes with three different Neutral Density filters:

  • ND96-0.9 - 13% Transmission
  • ND96-0.6 - 25% Transmission
  • ND96-0.3 - 50% Transmission

The Neutral Density filters act as sunglasses for the Moon. The Moon reflects a lot of light, making it the brightest object in the sky. With all of this light, it can make it hard to make out all of the lunar surface details because the light "washes" them away. The brightness of the Moon can also hurt your eyes once you've looked at it directly through your telescope without a filter.

These filters dim the entire visual spectrum from 400nm to 700nm equally. The ND filters do not change the color of the Moon but dim the brightness so more details can be seen through a telescope. With three different choices, users can choose the correct ND filter based on the Moon's phase, the aperture of the telescope, and the magnification power of the eyepiece.

These types of filters can also be used on Venus and for terrestrial views. The filters will reduce the glare of Venus so the crescent phases can be seen better, and it will dim the brightness of daytime lights when used terrestrially.

The Moon Filter Set also comes with a Moon & Sky Glow Filter:

The Moon and Sky Glow filter works to reduce the light transmission from various wavelengths. This greatly improves contrast and makes lunar details clearer. The filter gives a light purple color to the Moon when in use.

For those observing in light-polluted skies, this filter will enhance the deep sky objects because it blocks some wavelengths associated with urban light pollution, like low-pressure sodium and mercury

The last image shows the Moon & Sky Glow filter's Transmission Graph.

Addtional Filter Set Accessories

The Lunar Filter set comes complete with a durable plastic carry case that will fit all four filters.

In the case, users can also find a Moon Map and legend. This gives users a chance to familiarize themselves with the surface details of the Moon. The map is a handy size, and it will fit on the plastic carry case. The map itself highlights seventeen key features of the Moon, including the Sea of Tranquility, Tycho, Plato, Copernicus, and many more.

This set also comes with a free download of Robert Reeve's eBook, Lunar Landscapes. This eBook goes into detail about the sizes of the Moon's craters, how marias are formed, the history of the Moon, and much more. You can download this eBook from the "Files" tab.