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Celestron StarSense Hand Control - 93999

SKU: CEL-93999

Celestron StarSense Hand Control with USB

The Celestron StarSense Hand Control with USB is programmed to be used with the Celestron StarSense AutoAlign when used in conjunction with Celestron computerized telescopes or mounts. It comes standard as part of the StarSense AutoAlign package (94005), and we are offering it here to be used as a replacement.

StarSense AutoAlign’s hand control gives you instant access to the night sky . With automatic slewing to over 40,000 objects and common sense menu descriptions, even a beginner can master its features in just a few observing sessions . If you need to know more about the functionality of the StarSense Hand Control, please see the attached instruction manual for StarSense AutoAlign (located in the Files tab) and scroll to page 17.