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Celestron HD Pro Heavy Duty Wedge - 93664

SKU: CEL-93664
  • This Celestron HD Pro Wedge is expressly designed for up to 11" fork-mounted Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope models.
  • Boasting a 14 mm diameter Latitude Adjustment Screw for extra strength and stability, the Celestron HD Pro Wedge minimizes vibration to allow easier rotation of heavy telescopes.
  • Features a built-in telescope hand control unit holder.
  • A recessed tilt plate fits the base of the telescope to enable attachment via simple rotation.
  • Bulkier heavy-duty side plates offer greater rigidity for reduced vibration during imaging sessions.
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Celestron Equatorial Wedge for NexStar Evolution and 6/8 SE Telescopes - 93665

SKU: CEL-93665
  • Convert your Celestron NexStar 6SE, 8SE, or Evolution alt-azimuth telescope into an equatorial system by using this Celestron Equatorial Wedge.
  • Despite being relatively lightweight at 15 pounds, this Celestron Wedge accepts payloads weighing up to 36 pounds, making it easily capable of taking on an 8" OTA loaded with accessories.
  • Features an integrated bubble level and latitude scale with clear markings.
  • Jumbo-sized knobs make adjustments easy even under heavy loads.
  • Requires no tools for both setting up and making adjustments during use.
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