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Celestron Ambassador 50mm Brass Table Top Telescope - 22302

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SKU: CEL-22302

Celestron Ambassador Executive 50mm Tabletop Telescope

This beautiful brass and mahogany refractor will add elegance and sophistication to any room, but it is a real working telescope! Perfect for land or sky, this Celestron tabletop telescope has a 50mm (2 inch) all-glass, fully coated front objective lens and an integrated 15x - 45x zoom eyepiece. Gaze across the ocean and zoom in on a distant ship, or scan the Milky Way for bright star clusters and nebulae. With this 50mm wood and brass telescope, you can see the moons of Jupiter or Saturn's rings, and the Moon will look amazing.

This Celestron tabletop telescope is made of brass, and so is the simple alt-azimuth mount that holds the scope elegantly in place. The tabletop stand is formed from mahogany and has a satiny-smooth finish. The telescope tube is 16.5 inches long, and with the stand, is about 16 inches high. This wood and brass telescope is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys scientific instruments or astronomy. It would look very impressive on a desk, bookcase, or credenza.